The rabbits in D.C. (Photo by Francis Chung)

We may never get Mr. Darcy in the East River, but Australian artist Amanda Parer's supersized rabbits are stopping by NYC on their four-city national tour. As long as you don't suffer from anything resembling Leporiphobia, you're gonna love it.

Parer's "Intrude"—which has already hit D.C.—is a light sculpture featuring "monumental rabbits, each sewn in white nylon, inflated and internally lit." They'll be installed at Brookfield Place (230 Vesey Street) from April 17th through 30th.

Since we're in NYC, where space is limited, we only get 7 (of 17) giant rabbits, "two of which are extra giant in size and were specially commissioned by Arts Brookfield for the NYC launch," we were told. These scale over two-stories in height, with one approximately 39 feet high and the other 39 feet long.

Debra Simon, vice president and artistic director of Arts Brookfield, says Parer's "larger-than-life rabbit sculptures are a visually arresting social commentary." That commentary is meant to reflect, Parer hopes, "how our actions impact the environment.” And how rabbits are the most adorable pest in the world? The press release notes they "have caused a great imbalance to the country's natural and delicately balanced ecosystems, and are considered an invasive pest." Well, better than bed bugs.