The holidays are here, and you may or may not have a roommate around to take eggnog shots with on Christmas morning. But you could have an adorable furry friend to keep you company! The ASPCA Adoption Center has six doggies who need new homes—and they're wearing the ugliest sweaters they could find just for your amusement.

Most of these six pups have been with the ASPCA for awhile—the sixth one above, Spice, has been with them since 2011, after living in squalid conditions in a basement without access to food or water. He was severely underweight (coming in at 32 pounds) when they first got him, but he's now up to a healthy 54 pounds. You can learn more about him here, and see him in action in the video below.

If you're interested in any of the dogs, you can contact the ASPCA online here. Their Adoption Center is located at 424 E 92nd St (between 1st and York Avenues) and their phone number is (212) 876-7700 ext. 4900.