John Street Pasture, a temporary field in DUMBO, has turned from green to crimson to gold during its short life, and currently that golden landscape is being eaten by goats. The temporary living earthwork has existed for the past month or so in a lot at 1 John Street, just in the shadows of the Manhattan Bridge, and for one day only these cute little guys are enjoying it. Update, 4:55 p.m.: OH NO—the goats have been loaded onto a halal truck!

The installation, from Andrea Reynosa, will run through the end of today, and last night some goats were brought in to the picture as a grand finale to the project. We dropped by to see them this morning, and they'll be around until 6 p.m. tonight. And yes, you can go in and pet them.

Later this summer "the installation will be plowed aside, and the enriched soil and composted clover will be incorporated into a new section of Brooklyn Bridge Park, under construction in the adjacent lot between 1 John Street and the East River." As for 1 John Street, that will become a residential building, of course.