The Plaza Hotel's "attic penthouse" just dropped about $10 million in price, but what does that even mean when you are dealing with a number around $50 million? After the double-digit-million mark isn't it just infinity money? Anyway, if you are bathing in obscene amounts of cash and want to live on the tippy top floor of an iconic Manhattan hotel, then keep reading. And then take a good long look at yourself in the mirror, ponder your own happiness, and ask yourself if you could be doing more Good with all that money.

According to the listing, this triplex is "positioned in the northeast corner with spectacular views of Central Park and Fifth Avenue," and features a "2,300 square foot entertainment space, a formal dining area and home office, a large eat-in kitchen with wine cellar, an informal dining and media room, a gorgeous 31 foot terrace overlooking Central Park..."


... a laundry room and wet bar, an elevator, staircases, and very low ceilings. The listing won't tell you that last part, but just ask Russian billionaire Andrei Vavilov, who Curbed notes "bought it sight-unseen and then sued the Plaza for delivering a low-ceilinged home that didn't match the spacious abode he said he was promised."

On the upside, you can pretend you are a GIANT, peering down on a tiny Central Park from your adorable mansion in the sky.