For the fourth straight year, the officers of the NYPD's 78th Precinct in Prospect Heights have donned their ceremonial demented clown gear, Jason masks, and spooky face paint for the now-annual and very elaborate NYPD Haunted House. For the next two days, you too can descend the spooky staircase into the bloodcurdling basement of the poltergeist-infested precinct and experience the most impressively diabolical police-sanctioned display in the city.

When we took a tour of the basement in 2015, officers explained why the precinct jumped at the chance to host a haunted house for adults and children: "The reason we're doing it is 90 percent of people come into a police precinct for bad things, they don't come in for good things," said Captain Frank DiGiacomo, the precinct's commanding officer. "So we want to get the kids and teenagers—come meet the police, come into the station house for something good like a haunted house and meet the police officers...who've given their own time to scare them and introduce and meet them."

Check out photos from this year's house above, and our video tour of the haunted house from 2015 below:

78th NYPD Precinct station house, 65 6th Avenue, Brooklyn // Open Oct 29th & 30th 4--9 p.m. // Free