Every year, even the most cynical, jaded New Yorkers can find themselves disarmed by the ambitious and artistic holiday windows at the city's biggest Midtown department stores. And this year's displays are sure to cause even more foot-traffic jams around the area, with dazzling lights, strange political statements, and lavish sculptures and iconography.

Above, check out photos from the first three of six displays (check back for the other three tomorrow): Bloomingdale's has several elaborate windows with themes like "Moonglow," "Reflections" and "Underwater Stars." There are also chandelier-themed windows ("Lights Up A Young Mind"), soundtracked by what can only be described as disco house mixes of classic Christmas songs.

Bergdorf Goodman's displays are, as usual, the most intricate and classical, with no movement within the displays, but incredible dense compositions, including dreamy jungle themed ones saturated in green light. Barney's meanwhile had the most overtly political displays, under the overall theme of "Love, Peace, Joy." Artist Nick Cave's window talked about how "we as a nation" need to "come together as one"; there is one window with South Park mannequins; one window had a TV showing male/female, male/male and female/female love; and a final window referencing pop culture, environmentalism, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa," and TV (which was playing From Mazatlan to Eternity, a parody of the classic movie, From Here To Eternity).