In 1868, the NY Times published a short article in the paper regarding rising rents in Brooklyn—it stated: "Rents range about as high there as they do on this side of the East River... [and] agents are doing their utmost to stimulate rents." They added these agents are placing "fictitious values" on properties. Almost 150 years later not much has changed, and this week has brought to the market the most expensive home in Brooklyn: a $32 million penthouse at One Brooklyn Bridge Park. A sort of ugly building with a sick view of the Manhattan skyline.

Is the 11,000-square-foot space worth $32 million? Couldn't you just go over to DUMBO and drop $18 million on that other penthouse with skyline views? Or buy a couple of cupolas in Manhattan? What, do you really need to have THE most expensive apartment in the borough? Do you really need a home theater, a climbing wall, a terrace, a wine room for 3,500 bottles, his and hers closets, six bedrooms! You do not need six bedrooms. The Brady Bunch was just fine with three bedrooms and there were 8 of them plus Alice, and sometimes a dog! [h/t Curbed]