Yesterday was the final day for the 38-year-old Antiques Garage flea market. Held in an indoor parking garage on West 25th Street, the market first opened in 1976, growing from 11 vendors to hundreds. A hotel is slated to go up on the site.

Rob Kearney was there this weekend; he told us of the closing, "Boiling in the summer. Frigid in the winter. The second floor was often nearly empty in the dead of summer. The ceiling was falling. The bathroom was truly scary. But it was full of some of the smartest, wiliest and most interesting New Yorkers you could hope to meet, and more than handful of colorful characters. And that's just the dealers. It was cool. It was grimy and gritty. It was fascinating. It was mildly frightening and sometimes a little depressing. It was NYC. And it will be missed."

Most of the vendors will be relocating to The West 25th Street Market or the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market.