This weekend Governors Island hosted the Jazz Age Lawn Party, both Saturday and Sunday, with a sold out crowd for each event. The 1920s will return to the Island for two days in August, and tickets are still on sale—they range from $30 to $300, and after experiencing this Sunday's party, we're here to help you decide how much to shell out, along with some helpful tips.

ATTIRE: First of all, it is really fun! You should go. And you should dress up, because everyone dresses up and if you don't you will be the only person that Bill Cunningham doesn't want to photograph. There are a lot of vendors there that will sell you of-the-era dresses and hats, but you should take care of this stuff before you get there. This is kind of an all-or-nothing deal—people fully commit to the 1920s costume, head to toe. Ladies: you can find a fitting frock at a reasonable price on Etsy if you dig around for long enough, and men: ladies love seersucker suits, even in these modern times, so it's not a bad investment.

GETTING THERE: (And back.) Take the East River Ferry (did you know it runs there and back every weekend?). There was barely a line when we took the 11 a.m. on Sunday, and there was no problem getting a seat once aboard. The real headache is the return... once you've consumed alcohol in the sun all day, the last thing you want to do is wait on line for your ride home. There is little in the way of shade at the ferry docks, and you'll contemplate diving into the East River as the sun beats down and you see no boat in sight. The simple solution: write down the ferry departure times before you even get on the Island, instead of blindly walking over with a drained phone and hoping one is coming soon. Also: sunscreen and a hat or a parasol will be your friend here.

WHAT TICKET SHOULD YOU BUY?: The general admission ticket is $30, but will go up to $35 starting July 15th. This will get you into the event, and that's about it. The ticket prices that offer a little more are $59, $169, and $300. These each include some drinks and food, and the $59 option seems to be the most worth it. With that you'll get four St-Germain cocktails (we tried them all, and they are all very good), two non-alcoholic drinks, one entree with side, and a dessert. You're already going to pay $30 to get in, might as well spend $19 more for cocktails and a meal, no? (Or sneak in a flask like a real Prohibition-era lush.)

On an extra tight budget? Reading this too late and tickets already sold out? Some say you can just take the ferry to Governors Island and set up your own picnic just outside the action. You'll only be separated by a short wooden fence, so you'll still hear the music, see the dancing, and basically be a part of it all... and you will have more space. This weekend plenty of dressed up attendees sat on that lawn, drinking, dancing, and playing badminton.

Whatever ticket you decide to purchase, the event is well worth attending—it's your chance to step into that car in Midnight In Paris and be transported back to another time, thanks to both the organizers and the all in attendees.