Hundreds of Vulcans, Romulans, Humans, and even Tribbles are taking over the Javits Center this weekend for Star Trek: Mission New York. Billed as the "ultimate destination for Star Trek fans," the weekend-long event offers all the trappings of a modern fan convention including celebrity meet-and-greets, homemade costumes, and, of course, merchandise.

On Friday afternoon, most of the attendees at Mission New York were amassed in the Javits Center's North Exhibit Hall, where much of the 110,000 square feet of floorspace was dedicated to vendors hawking Star Trek-branded goods. Messenger bags, figurines, prints, cosplay uniforms, patches, collectible cards, posters, official Star Trek-printed two dollar bills, autographed photos, autograph holders, spaceship owner's manual, mugs, stamps, plates, jewelry, board games, 3-D printed phasers, light-up Tricorders, video games, and battery-powered tribble toys will all be on sale throughout the weekend, but even more appealing are the exhibits, which include a dead-on recreation of the Enterprise bridge and a NASA exhibit displaying some of the technology that's already allowing us to boldly go where no man has gone before ("Hey, you guys are getting close!" one uniformed Trekkie told a NASA scientist).

Mission New York has been timed to coincide with The Starfleet Academy Experience, which is currently showing at the Intrepid Museum, and together the two shows should be enough to energize die-hard fans and casual re-run watchers alike. Check out a full gallery of what to expect above; the schedule for Saturday and Sunday's events can be found here.