A dreary block by Penn Station may seem an unlikely spot for an Instragram wonderland, but the organizers of NYC’s newest and possibly most extravagant social-media-friendly “experience” are clearly counting on the sweet, sticky appeal of candy to attract "like"-loving hordes to the area. The "interactive art installation" is called Candytopia, it opens tomorrow (Wednesday, August 15), and it will set you back $34 to enter. Once inside, you can interact with the installations, eat tons of treats, and snap a million selfies.

Candytopia is a Los Angeles import, with a successful run in Santa Monica earlier this year ensuring that we, too, can now take photos of friends floundering in an impressively enormous marshmallow pool. Other rooms—and there are more than a dozen in all—include famous paintings, celebrity portraits, and animals made from thousands of jelly beans and Twizzlers and such. There's also plenty to swing on, like a giant 💯emoji, and lots of antique clocks for some reason. You'll also run into a nifty optical illusion, a couple of giant balls to knock around in the "clouds," and a room in which a pig made out of pink gummy bears blows confetti out of its butt. And as a nod to NYC, they've included a yellow cab.

Isn't it so nice to live in New York City amongst all of these great cultural institutions interactive Instagram-baits?

Click through the photo gallery above for a sneak peek of all the excitement. Candytopia is located at 145 West 32nd Street, it runs through November 15, and tickets, which are selling fast it seems, can be purchased here.