When we were invited to check out the new, unfinished section of the High Line (again), we were warned: "The terrain is uneven, the site is overgrown with self-seeded wildflowers, grasses, and shrubs, and there are rail tracks and spikes along the way, so everyone must wear closed-toe shoes. No high heels or flip flops." Old school, just like it should be.

Photographer Sam Horine dropped by yesterday to brave the spiked ground, and delivered us these gorgeous shots from atop the Phase 3 tracks, which will open next year. But if you want in before then, the Friends of the High Line are still offering tours three days a week... and you'll get the same warning we did.

As the NY Times recently noted, this final section will be different from the previous two—"instead of modernistic benches and showy perennials, there will be rusted tracks overgrown with Queen Anne’s lace and goldenrod."

But amidst it all will be an office tower, straddling the elevated park. This will belong to Coach, who donated $5 million to Friends of the High Line. But surely the classic company will be tasteful in their design of this. Along with that, the overgrown tracks, and a sick view of the rail yards, the new section will also have a "postindustrial jungle gym comprising a series of exposed beams covered in a soft play surface."