The Explorers Club is a place where dreams are made into reality, and it's right in Manhattan, right on East 70th Street! Thursday night a group of astronauts (!) assembled at the club's headquarters to "celebrate the future of space flight," with booths educating visitors on everything from suborbital spaceflight to space tourism to spaceports of the future.

Planetary Resources brought with them a model of their Kickstarter-funded ARKYD telescope, and reps from Virgin Galactic discussed their extra-large SpaceShipTwo. World View Enterprises delighted guests with a presentation on high-altitude balloons, in which passengers can embark on a journey 30,000 km into the sky. Trips will begin in 2016 and tickets will be sold for a very affordable $75,000. (At least compared to SpaceShipTwo—that luxury will set you back a cool $250,000.)

Hors d'oeuvres were nibbled, drinks were sipped, and the wonders of the stars were presented in the very same building as a 5-foot-long whale penis. Isn't life great?