The Garabedian house, also known as The Christmas House in the Bronx, brings a curious crowd to the corner of Pelham Parkway North and Westervelt Avenue every December. The pink house is a vision off-season as well, but when the owners flip the switch around Thanksgiving its a full on hallucination of twirling mannequins and blaring music. And you should let these odd Sirens call you to the sidewalk.

You'll be transported to a strange, warped world that could have only come together through a shared dream of Madame Tussaud and Clark Griswold... and That Neighbor With All The Gaudy Lawn Sculptures. Michael Jackson is there, the reindeer are there, Elizabeth Taylor is there, and so are The Chipmunks and Cinderella.

According to this NY Times article from 2008, there is some mystery around the origin of the display, but it started in 1974 after a miracle occurred. Mr. Garabedian told the paper, "Something special happened to the family on Christmas Eve in 1973... This is our way of showing thanks to the Lord for what he did for us." But no specifics were given ("The family wants to keep it special for ourselves"), except for one hint: it may have something to do with a vision.

And you have until January 6th to see their vision.