Whether they're dressing up their dogs, creating terrifying displays in their front yards, or bringing NYC icons back to life, New Yorkers take Halloween very seriously, and know how to do it right. As we have done the past three years now, we sent photographer Sai Mokhtari down into the tunnels of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn to capture all the kooky costumes NYers donned for Halloween.

The most popular costumes this year by far seemed to be Harley Quinn and Eleven (from Stranger Things), but there were also plenty of classics like Frida Kahlo and various Muppets and Harry Potter characters. There were clever odes to Freudian slips and Hillary's emails, as well as Ghostbusters, Princess Peach, Freddie Mercury, and my three personal favorites: Khaleesi's dragons pre-special effects, a mashup of David S. Pumpkins and Jason Voorhes, and a troupe of Guys Fieri.

There were several people who wore costumes in honor of Instagram celeb Joanne the Scammer, but the days of Pizza Rat costumes popping up at every stop seem to have come to an end. And yet, two ladies did dress up as Paris and Nicole from The Simple Life, so maybe we just have to wait a decade for Pizza Rat to come back into vogue.

And for better or worse (definitely worse), there was no sign of my Halloween nightmare, Man-Baby, this year.

Sai will be out shooting the subways for the big show tonight, so we'll have a second gallery of costumes to check out tomorrow.