New Yorkers take their Halloween celebrations very seriously, whether they're dressing up their dogs, their police precincts, or their pizza places. As we love to do every year, we sent inexhaustible photographer Sai Mokhtari down into the tunnels of Manhattan and Brooklyn to capture all the amazing and inventive costumes New Yorkers donned for Wednesday night's Halloween celebrations.

Among the highlights of this year's crop of costumes: there was a very clever "Dead McMahon," Billy Mitchell from King Of Kong, homemade Ghostbusters uniforms, Pickle Rick from Rick & Morty, Astronaut Sloth, Hunter S. Thompson, and the regular cornucopia of demons, skeletons, face paint and animal masks.

Mokhtari adds that this year she saw "way less political stuff. Didn't see any Trumps, no Kavanaughs, none of that. Maybe that shit's too scary even for halloween." (There were plenty at the big Parade, however.) And Suicide Squad is still an inexplicably popular source of inspiration for costumes.

Click above to check everything out, and check back in tomorrow morning for the second round of photos from the subways!