Saturday's cold, rainy weather didn't stop the world's most creative dog owners from showing off their costumed pups at the annual Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade.

Dogs in costumes were out in force, from a cute/disturbing Human Centipede dog (thank god the back two dogs were just stuffed animals) to a dog getting its fifteen minutes of fame as Andy Warhol to another couple of pals who used their pup to fill out their Run-DMC costume. And of course, owing to the year's big trends, there was an Ash Ketchum/dog Pikachu combo, and another dog dressed as the least deadly Demogorgon you'll ever encounter.

Our photographer Sai Mokhtari reported back saying, "It was cold and wet but the rain stayed away for the most part. There were tons of people there and they were in great spirits. Huge groups of people gathered around the most elaborate dog costumes taking photos."

"Some of these barely qualified as dog costumes—they're more like elaborate stage setups that happen to have a dressed up dog incorporated in them. It seems like they get more intricate every year," she said.

I'll be honest: I don't expect to see humans with costumes this elaborate on Halloween weekend.