It's better than Halloween: The Saturday of Comic Con is when the tens of thousands of attendees—or at least the hefty percentage who show up in costume—really break out the big guns.

A hundred Harley Quinns and Jokers roamed the floor of the Javits Center yesterday, as did an army of Boba Fetts. There were Links by the score (plus a scattering of Shadow Links), enough Marios to rescue all the Peaches, dozens of Deadpools, and way too many characters a certain clueless photographer didn't recognize, but thought were amazing.

In addition to the cosplay—that nearly all of costumes were handmade made it even more incredible—there was also plenty of straight-up commerce going on in the vast space (the Funko booth was stripped bare by early afternoon), as well as promos of movies and TV shows and other corporate-sponsored interactive fun.

There was also a vast autograph and photo-op area, where fans waited nearly two hours to meet Carrie Fisher, for example, and pay her $80 to sign something. Looks like it was extremely worth it!

And people stood on line for an astonishing five hours to get a $100 autograph or photograph from the legendary Stan Lee, as this purportedly was his final NY Comic Con.