Swoon has never put much stock in convention, and in To Accompany Something Invisible, her upcoming gallery exhibition, the entirety of her artistic process in all its entangled beauty is on display. The show, which opens at Meatpacking's Allouche Gallery this Thursday (4/27), features prep sketches and early-draft paper cutouts that Swoon usually only utilizes as creative tools; the ends and means are one and the same. With these new works Swoon (aka Caledonia Curry) has made bits of crucial elements of three-dimensional pieces that break free of their canvases and come straight at you.

It's an offering she's never made before, but that should be no surprise coming from an artist who's only ever been bold as hell. Nearly a decade ago, Swoon debuted Swimming Cities, a mobile installation work that featured DIY rafts sailed by intrepid artists down the Hudson River, through the Adriatic Sea, and beyond. When a cadre of artists took over an abandoned Connecticut beach town, Swoon of course was in on it, and her 2014 Brooklyn Museum installation Submerged Motherlands tackled climate change with disarming beauty.

Ephemera and transience have always been themes in her work, but with To Accompany Something, the theme is growth, rather than decay. The show's title serves as a tribute to John Berger, her favorite art writer, and serves as a reflective pause before her upcoming retrospective opening at Cincinnati's Contemporary Arts Center and a larger-scale film piece slated for 2018.

To Accompany Something will open with a reception on Thursday, April 27th from 6-9 p.m. //82 Gansevoort Street, Manhattan // Allouche Gallery