On July 4, the Statue of Liberty reopened after over a year of being closed—first for a year of renovations, and then cleanup after Hurricane Sandy.

Mayor Bloomberg was among the elected officials who celebrated the reopening, and he said today in his radio address, "I don’t think we could have re-opened the statue on a more appropriate date...The Statue of Liberty represents those ideals both to Americans and to countless people around the world."

NYC.gov details the work that went into the landmark's reopening:

Parks workers from around the nation—along with the New York City Parks Department - worked hard to reopen the statue The repairs to Liberty Island included taking major steps to protect the island from major coastal storms in the future. During a typical year, the Statue of Liberty has an average of 3.8 million visitors—including usually close to half a million during July alone. About 2,200 New Yorkers' jobs are supported by the Statue of Liberty.

Here's summer boat schedule to Liberty Island (Liberty Island is open every day except for Christmas). So go visit one of our top picks for tourist spots that every New Yorker should go to!