Over the weekend thousands of punk fans took over a section of Staten Island for the annual Punk Island fest. An organizer for the event (which is part of Make Music New York) told us about 2,500 showed up, though that number seemed like a bit of an exaggeration. Nevertheless, there was a solid turnout, seven stages, a ton of bands, the token mohawk here and there, and a lot of black clothing in the hot, hot sun.

Photo by (Photo by Gretchen Robinette/Gothamist)

Over a hundred bands played on Staten Island's Pier 1, located right by the ferry, with each stage showcasing a different sub-genre, ensuring that there was something for everybody. A large crowd gleefully moshed to ska near the entrance of the festival, while the Brooklyn Transcore stage featured gender bending glam punk.

Click through for photos from the event, which our photographer says there was "not one fight at all day, just a lot of moshing and dancing."