The Spring Street subway station has been undergoing some light renovations on its platform walls over the past month or so, with paper ads being replaced by fancy digital screens. However, many of the ad spaces are currently just painted black, which some straphangers have been using as chalkboards. And way down at the end of the Uptown platform you'll find a lovely tribute to a living legend, Bruce Springsteen.

Someone has painted STEEN under the existing tile that reads SPRING. And under that, on the faux chalkboard, they wrote "THE BOSS." If the MTA erases this I'm walking everywhere from now on.

(Jen Carlson / Gothamist)

It's been there since at least December 23rd, when Bowery Boogie noted its existence, and it was still there as of this morning. Since it's lasted three or more days, the rule is this must now be made permanent. Right? Is that how it works? Do we really need a petition?

Sure, The Boss lives in Jersey, but he's sung about the subway, and how else do you think this "fine young songwriter" got to the Gaslight Cafe?

Anyway, we see no reason to not make this a station-wide thing, like with Aretha's "Respect" tribute. And maybe the unused screens can stream "Springsteen On Broadway" while we wait on the C train as an endless parade of Es roll in to the station.