Spike Lee took a break from hosting Prince block parties to host a Michael Jackson block party in Bed-Stuy in honor of what would have been the King Of Pop's 58th birthday on Saturday. It was an all-afternoon party with a constant soundtrack of Jackson's music—except of course for a brief Purple Rain chaser at one point.

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This was the sixth annual "Brooklyn Loves Michael Jackson" block party Lee has put on—last year's festivities included the city-sanctioned unveiling of Do The Right Thing Way. Lee was on stage for much of the event, flanked by MC Sway. As photographer Sai Mokhtari observed, Lee was having a pretty great time as party host emeritus: "He totally has this 'Uncle Spike' vibe going on," she said. "Just chilling in the background mostly and making sure everyone's having a good time"

Click through to check out photos from the event above, and a few videos below.


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