Earlier today a new Banksy piece went up in the South Bronx, and this afternoon building owner David Damaghi told us he was looking into preserving the piece with plexiglass—this came after the NYPD asked him if he wanted to press charges against the artist (he told them "no"). Until he gets some plexi up, he's hired two guards. Nic Garcia, who is on the scene right now (8:40 p.m.), tells us:

"They're both super friendly, they're 'independent contractors' who were hired by the building owner. They're being really funny and easy going, they're letting people cross the caution tape to take pics. They heard a little about Banksy from the people here and the internet, but before that they didn't know him."

So this is like Red Hook (where there's a night watchman), not like in East New York (where guys were charging people to see the piece)—these guys are here to protect Banksy's latest, and we're told will only accept tips. If you go, bring them some warm coffee—it's only 9 p.m. and they've made multiple comments about taking a nap.

Throughout the month, Banksy's daily pieces have been instant targets for taggers (and even the city), and as soon as they go up now, they're being protected by the masses until plexiglass or a gate can cover them.