It's safe to say the future will be a little more stressful, now that an IRL comic book villain has sole access to our nuclear codes. And though now is certainly ripe for action, it's also a good time to practice self-care and chill the fuck out, lest you die of an aneurysm before the midterms. To help you out, the Rubin Museum has a semi-new meditative exhibition on "Sacred Spaces," which comes complete with a room filled with the sound of Himalayan winds.

The exhibition, which opened in November, includes a site-specific commission from Soundwalk Collective, an NYC-based music group. Last year, the group recorded 120 hours of wind footage from villages and monasteries in Nepal—the museum has paired the wind sounds with a kaleidoscopic video installation by Soundwalk Collective founder Stephan Crasneanscki, for the ultimate meditative experience.

"Through all these recordings we have been trying to paint an 'image' of the wind, like the one carried by the prayers through the flutter of the Lung-P'ar, the white flags that are placed at all mountain passes to protect the travelers in their journey," Crasneanscki said in a statement. "The flags drift and their shadows dance against the immaculate, mineral, white stones of the mountains."

You can experience the wind sounds in the installation, or in the museum's Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room.