Hollywood star turned Broadway menace Shia LaBeouf was in Manhattan Criminal Court early this morning, for a hearing about his June 26th meltdown during a performance of Cabaret. For this appearance, he wasn't wearing a t-shirt with holes but a suit.

LaBeouf, 28, was charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct at Studio 54, where he was allegedly smoking inside the theater and grabbing actors' butts. When police took him to the precinct, he reportedly told cops, "F-k you. I’ll f-k you up!” and was spitting, so police put a face mask on him. The Post added that LaBeouf called one cop a "f-g" and said, "I have millions and millions of dollars and attorneys/ I’m going to ruin your career."

The actor was in Times Square before his arrest: He had four strawberry margaritas and watched the World Cup at the Iguana bar, chatted with some people and then chased a homeless man for the homeless man's food. Days after his arrest, LaBeouf's publicist said he checked into rehab.

Today, the Post reports, "In an unusual move, the actor marched straight over to Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Russell and shook her hand upon entering the courtroom. He didn’t have to wait long to go before the judge: His was the first case called." Russell told the judge, "Defense counsel and I are discussing a possible resolution in this case."

The judge agreed to adjourn the case until September 10.