PETA protesters crashed Bryant Park's "Wool Uncovered" event today as part of an attempt to convince New Yorkers that wool is baaaaaad. The event is part of a "Campaign for Wool" sponsored by the Prince of Wales that brought a small herd of adorable sheep to the park's lawn. In addition to the live sheep corral, all the park chairs were wrapped in wool cozies, a sprawling wool carpet was laid down, wool couches and chairs were scattered around, and the fountain was covered in fluffy, raw wool, which exuded a distinctly barnyard perfume that added a nice, rural touch to today's sheep theme.

PETA, however, did not think any of this was particularly cute, and several activists appeared in the park to stage a quiet demonstration. The shearing of sheep for wool is, according to PETA, an extremely cruel process, which results in many casualties, including injured noses and dangerously exposed skin. Ashley Byrne, a PETA campaign manager, said that she hopes PETA's presence at Bryant Park today will raise awareness of the dark underbelly of the wool trade and turn people towards more "environmentally friendly" wool alternatives.

A representative from the industry, Tom Colyer, who owns Greenwood Hill Farm in northern Massachusetts and is a member of the American Sheep Industry Association and the American Wool Coalition, says "PETA might have a point" but he claims he treats his sheep well. Though he's in the wool business to make money, Colyer insists that happy sheep are a vital part of doing good business.