A pleasant Saturday afternoon at Rockaway Beach descended into confusion, chaos, and a cacophony of whistles when lifeguards alerted beachgoers about a possible shark sighting in the water. The sighting occurred around 4 p.m. near Beach 96th—and during Shark Week no less.

The stress was palpable:

Baby sharks have of course been spotted at the beach in the past:

But yesterday's lifeguards may have JUMPED THE SHARK on sparking sharkpandamonium: as people got a closer glimpse of the finned creatures, it turned out to look a whole lot more like dolphins.

Area man Max Rivlin-Nadler was at the scene soaking in the good vibrations when the commotion happened: "The lifeguards ordered everyone out of the water, except one gentleman decided to approach the dolphin (or shark) pod."

That man may have been a Red Sox fan:

Rivlin-Nadler was introspective about the experience: "They looked like dolphins. But then again, perhaps they were sharks? Either way, we live in a world of danger, where even a day at the beach can become a spectacle, surrounded by hundreds of fellow New Yorkers breathlessly wondering, 'shark or dolphin?' Or, 'is that guy who was selling nutcracker's still around?'"

Whether he was or wasn't still around, we know one thing for sure: it's never okay to run into the water to try to touch sharks, but it is perfectly reasonable to do so to try to touch dolphins.