Put on your best puffy shirt/urban sombrero/velvet track suit/8-ball jacket and sidle right up to Jerry's apartment. In celebration of the show finally being in streaming syndication, Hulu has recreated Seinfeld's apartment (modeled after season 8), down to every little detail. Well, it's actually more of a bizarro Jerry apartment, but still, it's got an open door policy.

They're calling the apartment a "full gallery fan experience," as it's really doubling as a Seinfeld Museum. Inside you'll find Puddy's Devil's jersey, the Festivus pole, the Frogger machine, the Maestro's wand, a box of Junior Mints, the Pez dispenser, and more precious artifacts from the series. But there are also interactive areas—on top of barging into Jerry's apartment Kramer-style, you can pose for your own photo shoot like George did in season 8's "The Package," do some stand-up, or flip through Seinfeld scripts.

While Jerry's apartment was on the Upper West Side, this one is located at 451 West 14th Street. You can drop by between now and Sunday, June 28th, between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. BYO sponge.