The 33rd annual Medieval Festival took over Fort Tryon Park this weekend, as tens of thousands of armed knights, overdressed-for-the-heat maidens, Carthaginian warriors, wenches, witches, wizards, Death, peasants, and turkey-leg eaters filled the area surrounding the Cloisters.

There were well-attended performances in the big outdoor arena throughout Sunday, including a battle royale among fighters of the Armed Combat League (which, despite its aspirations for authenticity, uses American flag iconography in many of its designs), and a Grand Joust Tournament. On a more peaceful note, smaller stages positioned strategically in the park hosted storytelling, magic acts, jesters, jugglers and Mike Dupuy, who once again brought his birds of prey. There were also crafts and trade demonstrations, and lots of things to buy, from flower crowns and dragon puppets to leather gear and gnarly ass weapons.

But it is the eating of the food and drinking of the booze that is probably the most popular activity here. In addition to the ubiquitous whole smoked turkey legs ($10 a pop), there were treats from Ye Fried Dough, pickles on a stick, and flagons of mead for the adults. One change this year: the NYPD erected barricades for one of those "emergency vehicle lanes" right down the center of the festival's primary area of egress, making a perennially packed pedestrian situation that much more so.

As always, some of the best period outfits were worn by cosplaying attendees, as were some of the most aggressively anachronistic. During our time there, we didn't spot any Black Sun or other neo-Nazi symbols (though they are reportedly showing up more at Medieval Fests like this one, and they have appeared in the park before).