Unless you're 12 years old and under, bicycling on NYC sidewalks is against the law. It's also insanely rude and gives anti-bike people ammo to bitch and moan about how cyclists are inconsiderate and reckless. Yet there's an even more elitist group of cyclists out there: Celebrity cyclists, like Jake Gyllenhaal who ride (to their spinning classes, probably) on the sidewalk, RUINING THINGS FOR EVERYONE.

Other sidewalk-biking stars include Joe Jonas—in Soho on Wednesday—and Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio is a particularly egregious offender: Check out him salmoning with Blake Lively!

Perhaps they heard how Robin Williams got his sidewalk cycling ticket thrown out (the fine is $100). But celebs are not just like us, because us plebes would probably be in jail. At any rate, we salute Keira Knightley for properly dismounting a bicycle in a street before placing it in a rack!