Yesterday Matilda the cat and the Algonquin Hotel hosted another Cat Fashion Show as part of their annual fundraising event, benefiting the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals. The first one of these we attended was a full-blown runway show, but over the years the catwalk has become a catsit, with the adorned animals holding court in a hotel suite.

Photographer Clay Williams reports back to us from yesterday evening's event, which had a Broadway theme, saying, "The cats in costume were on display in a suite and anteroom on the second floor. It was packed with cat lovers taking picture—including the editor of CatFancy. The cats themselves seemed pretty annoyed with all the people and the camera flashes going off. Some, Tara [the hero cat] included, ended up hiding away from their fans." Maybe next year the format should be more Algonquin Round Table style?

There was also a cat adoption portion of the event earlier in the afternoon, so at least some felines may have found forever homes.

Click through and help us identify which Broadway shows these cats were dressed up for...