Another Black Friday is in the books, and the deals have been nabbed. However, even with a slight uptick in shoppers coming out to physical stores, it sounds like the pushing and shoving for discounts might take place virtually from now on.

There were reports of a couple fights that broke out, and despite security measures, crowds are hitting Fifth Avenue's tony shops near Trump Tower the same way they did in years past.

Our photographer, Gretchen Robinette, was out at Macy's and reported a busy but orderly atmosphere, as well as a cameo by anti-fur protesters. "It was pretty similar to last year at Macy's. Just herds of shoppers, but no one was disorderly or fanatic about shopping," she said. "There were lots and lots of selfies. The traffic jam at the front door was mostly caused by shoppers stopping to take selfies. Nothing seemed so deeply discounted that it made the trip of shopping there worth it over the deals online. I can't really figure out why anyone would want to be there yesterday, but it was pretty orderly compared to years before."

And don't forget, today is Small Business Saturday, if you'd like to dump your Christmas money into local, small businesses instead of enormous faceless mega-malls.