Mayor de Blasio stressed once again tonight during a press conference that anyone going out during this double digit snowfall "blizzard for the ages", after repeated warnings to stay off the roads, is "asking to be arrested." Thankfully, you don't have to go anywhere tonight to find out about all the weird and wacky stuff that has been going on around NYC while you were huddled under a blanket taking stock of your liquor cabinet. And if you're still got some FOMO, just take Steven Tyler's advice and drink some hot chocolate.

At least he didn't get pelted with snowballs:

The lines at Whole Foods was just as bad today as they were yesterday.

A lot of NYers relished the opportunity to break out their cross-country skis to get around town:

love it! #blizzard ! ❄️❄️❄️❄️🎿🎿

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East 5th Street, Jan 23rd, 1:28PM

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Some used their pups for transporation:

And this kid had a hell of a day:

The seltzer man kept making deliveries:

A snow pyramid was constructed on Cortelyou:

Mayor de Blasio visited southern Brooklyn, and apparently forgot his coat:

A lot of New Yorkers were taking after this man:

And they stayed in for good reason, as the wind was out of control at times:

Slowmo blizzard tunnel in Brooklyn. #snowmaggedon2016 #jonasblizzard #bklyn

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The accumulation of snow was swift:

It looked like something out of The Purge at times:

But it wasn't as bad as NJ:

Although we did have a yeti on the prowl:

There were also plenty of good Samaritans helping each other out:

And of course, there was this dude:

Never be that dude.