Roosevelt Island and its beautiful Kwanzan Cherry Trees were at peak bloom at the end of April, but few saw it. While in normal times we've seen some dangerous overcrowding for peak cherry blossom viewing on the island, in these times, there's just a quiet stillness (as it, unfortunately, should be).

Roosevelt Island in peak bloom was kind of an isolation daydream – when photographer Scott Lynch took these photos a few weeks ago, it was empty aside from a handful of masked residents out for their walks or runs. Since you can't experience it yourself this year, and since the temps are cold out there so your solitary walk may even be shortened today... we thought we'd share these images. You'll be able to see the cherry blossom trees, as well as other areas of Roosevelt Island, including the old hospital ruins.

Seeing the grand Queensboro Bridge and the bright red tram moving through pink trees on a screen is no substitute for the real thing, but maybe it'll do, for now.