Yesterday the Battle of Brooklyn was remembered during a full day of events held at the Green-Wood Cemetery, on the same ground a large portion of the battle was fought back in 1776. And since there's nothing we don't love about old war re-enactors gathering in modern day New York City donning full Revolutionary War garb, we sent photographer Sam Horine over to shoot the action. Click through for a look at the re-enactors, along with their 19th-century weapons... and some guy reading the Sunday Style section while leaning against a tombstone.

Need a refresher on the Battle? Here's an excerpt from our little history lesson a few years ago:

"The battle is one of the stranger ones in world history: Washington, facing a larger, better-trained army backed by the largest and most powerful navy in the world, decides to fight them on an island. He occupies the heights, which are pierced by three roads, and fortifies two of them—probably presuming that no one would go all the way to Queens to get to Manhattan. Guess which road the British take. Later Robert Moses would follow the lead of the Evil Empire and tried to put the Interboro Parkway on part of the British route. Washington was surrounded and nearly got his entire army destroyed, but in the end, except for the Robert Moses interlude, it all turned out pretty well."