Rennies, sprites, stroller people, knights, wenches, weapons fetishists, history buffs, elves, hyped-up children, warriors, and, most of all, those who enjoy turkey legs all converged upon Fort Tryon Park yesterday afternoon for the 31st annual Medieval Festival.

The crowds seemed slightly thinner than in recent years, but the park still filled up, especially around the food booths (Ye Olde Fried Dough, anyone?), the sword sellers, and the jousting stadium.

(Scott Lynch/Gothamist)

Other popular activities at the festival included buying things, marveling at the falcons and hawks, drinking mead, eating pickles, posing with that random trio of Roman soldiers who were somewhat abashed by their popularity, learning about Medieval life, war, and crafts, taking selfies with the aforementioned turkey legs, and, if you were one of the cool kids, perching on the high rocks by the Cloisters and smoking, flirting, and swigging booze from horn vessels.

By the way, the views from Inwood's Fort Tryon Park, of the Hudson River and the Palisades beyond, are pretty mesmerizing, particularly this time of year when the Autumn leaves are ripe for peeping. The A train to 190th Street puts you right at the park's entrance, and next Sunday there will be about 1/3000 of the number of people that were there yesterday.

(Scott Lynch/Gothamist)

Click through for a look, and when you're done, you'll probably need this turkey leg recipe from the Meat Hook.