This past weekend, the New York Renaissance Faire wrapped up its two-month stand in Tuxedo Park. Visitors were transported back to 16th century England, with knights jousting, fair maidens blushing, fools joking, huge turkey legs and, yes, well-known figures like Robin Hood and Queen Elizabeth I.

Photographer Sarah Tundermann was on the scene and tells us, "The jousting was a pleasant blend of violence and humor. However, my particularly favorite thing was the rotten tomato stand, where people throw tomatoes at the man with his face and arms sticking out of a wall. He insults the folks throwing the tomatoes, which is hysterical, and the crowd around it is always really responsive, both to the man's insults, and especially when someone gets close to or actually manages to hit him with the tomatoes." One vendor even yelled, "Violence is fun, arm your kids!"

For those you still yearning to go back in time, there's a Medieval Festival in Fort Tryon Park this Sunday, starting at 11:30 a.m. There will be knights, minstrels and jugglers!