Here's something you don't normally associate with the Lower East Side (unless you've crossed Delancey recently): Formula One racing. In celebration of the documentary Senna, currently playing at Sunshine, which profiles the life and tragic death of legendary Formula One racer Ayrton Senna, a 1976 McLaren M-23 and a '79 Tyrrell 009, as well as a '67 Lotus 51 Formula Ford will be parked on Forsyth between East Houston and Stanton Street until 7 p.m. this evening. Ahh, those heady days when you could slap a Marlboro logo on just about anything.

An executive producer of Senna, Manish Pandey, and F1 commenter John Bisignano, who also is in the film, will be there spreading the gospel of the pastime (which is decidedly different from the one-cooler-per-person sport of kings, NASCAR) and the gang will hit Max Fish at 10 p.m. for drinks. It's the perfect primer for that Formula One race New York is supposed to be getting annnnyyyy day now.