Thursday night, the Time Warner Center unveiled a major exhibit of Salvador Dali's sculpture, drawings, and paintings. The show features 16 original Dali sculptures (some as tall as 16.5 feet), as well as forty original Dali drawings and paintings. Most of these are very expensive (in the $50,000 range, and all on sale) and the general public is free to wander among the sculptures, free of charge! Dali was certainly an elitist megalomaniac whom real aesthetes love to hate, but we feel like he would have loved seeing his work in this glorified shopping mall.

These pieces are all on loan from the famous private collection of Enrique Sabater y Bonany, who worked as Dalí's private secretary and confidante for 12 years from 1968 to 1981. According to the press release, "Sabater, a fellow Catalan, lived with Dalí and his wife Gala and became extremely close to the artist. The artworks represent examples of Dalí's creative development at the height of his Surrealistic powers, and they serve to summarize the artist’s career in two dimensional form. Of particular interest are a series of three studies for Alfred Hitchcock's 1945 Hollywood movie Spellbound."

The sculptures will be on view until April 30th, or until one of them gets knocked over by a shopper.