Update, 4/14: If you scroll down you'll see a video of a young man paying homage to Hendrix during Sunday night's 7 p.m. cheer. The video was shared with Gothamist by his neighbor, who just updated us to say that a rep for Experience Hendrix reached out to thank the guitarist and to offer some box sets. They also added that Janie Hendrix, Jimi's sister, was "delighted" by the video.

On Monday night after a full day of dark skies and unrelenting rain, right as the nightly 7 o'clock cheer took place, the sky turned blue and a full rainbow appeared over New York. If you missed it because you were, you know, inside, scroll down for a taste (and keep scrolling for a special 7 p.m. fire escape homage to Jimi Hendrix).

Thanks for reading the room, sky god, nature, whoever sent this:

The daily 7 p.m. clapping started on March 27th, and as each day passes the cheers seem to get louder and more creative. In some areas you'll hear Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York," and on Sunday night — somewhere on East 7th Street — one man (who goes by John the Baptist) took his guitar out the fire escape to pay tribute to Jimi Hendrix (filmed by Rainer Turim and shared with Gothamist):