The Vans Warped Tour is in its 19th year, and a little rain wasn't about to discourage punks from heading to the Nassau Coliseum's parking lot for the raucous corporate-sponsored festivities. Photographer Jim Kiernan was on the scene and notes that 104 bands were playing on Saturday, across 7 stages, from noon to 9:30 p.m.—all for $45.

Kiernan observed, "Despite the whole 'punk rock' vibe of the bands/day/concept the crowds were extremely well behaved and the kids seemed very safe and mellow. I didn't see anybody who seemed drunk, high or super-aggro the entire day. Not one. I'm sure there were folks there like that but it sure wasn't obvious to me." He added, "Suuuuper young kids everywhere—some appearing to be in the single digits. Crazy. How did this happen?"

You can see some of his photographs above and the full set here—he photographed 17 bands from across the world. He notes that the best frontman "was actually a woman—Tonight Alive’s Jenna McDougall from Australia. She was awesome, great energy, really got the crowd going, awesome voice—the whole deal."