Two hours before curtain call at the House Of Yes's 2015 Xmas Spectacular, a liquor license was the best Christmas present the staff could ask for. "It was 5:30 and we were having our staff meeting, and everyone just snapped," Anya Sapozhnikova said. "I ran to call the bar staff and they went nuts!"

Sapozhnikova is House of Yes's co-founder, curator, and mistress-of-all-trades, but it was only with a cast of dozens and hundreds more volunteers that she was able to help bring the Xmas Spectacular to life. This year's show is a tale of the corruption of Kris Kringle: Santa Claus gets a job as a brand ambassador for a shady energy drink peddled by an evil Rudolph. We travel along with him to New Orleans jazz bars and fucked up factories in Detroit, where we learn that the Xmas-y stuff Santa is selling is very naughty indeed.

There's no reason to spoil the rest of the Spectacular's story, but you can count on pasties, blaring techno beats, crazed church ladies, feathers, crucifixions, and some semi-seedy musings on the true meaning of Christmas. It's the first Xmas Spectacular held by House of Yes in three years and a knockout opening number for their new space. "This is the big reveal," Sapozhnikova said of the show on Thursday night.

The entire first run of tickets for the House of Yes Xmas Spectacular has already sold out, but a small number of additional tickets have been released for Saturday and Sunday night's shows. Get more information here.