Wow, the Park Slope Pavilion isn't even trying anymore. Multiple bedbug sightings at the multiplex over the last couple of years have discouraged an untold number of moviegoers from patronizing the theater. So why bother even maintaining the seats? If those suckers who still see movies at the Pavilion don't mind picking up a few bedbugs, surely they won't make a fuss about seats encrusted with layers of filth dating back to the Clinton administration, seats with no backs, and seats with no... seats.

In fact, even though the moviegoer who posted these photos on the Brooklynian message board was appalled at the squalor, it didn't stop him or her from settling in for a screening of Black Swan over the weekend. The Pavilion, which has renovated some of its theaters and equipped a couple of them with digital 3D projection capabilities, knows it's the only game in town in this part of Brooklyn. What are Park Slopers gonna to do, schlep all the way down to the Cobble Hill Cinemas on Court Street? If the Pavilion's really smart, they'll start charging an additional fee for disposable "Rest Assured" seat covers. [Via Here's Park Slope]