David Oppenheim has lived in Brooklyn for 37 years, but before that he was a teenager (going into his 20s) with a camera growing up in Westchester County. He recently shared some of his photos with us from era, which he took while roaming around Manhattan and "searching for whatever caught my eye," while trying to "get over my suburban boredom."

He tells us, "The times were changing so fast that every week you went into the city there was another cultural change happening. I just wanted to be in the city. Photography always centered me in a time when the Vietnam War was going on." Around that time he was published in both Popular Photography and Rolling Stone.

Oppenheim, who went on to teach English (at Clara Barton and John Dewey High Schools) is now retired, and scanning his backlog of negatives and prints for his website, Stockopp. He also still photographs everything, including concerts.

Click through for a look at a small part of his collection, taken throughout the 1970s.