The weather turned from gray and sprinkly to sunny with blue skies for NYC's Gay Pride March yesterday.

The parade, which makes it way down Fifth Avenue from Midtown until heading into the Village and turning towards Christopher Street and the Stonewall Inn, was packed with revelers—gay and straight alike—celebrating the Supreme Court's decision to make same-sex marriage legal everywhere in the U.S. #LoveWins was a big hashtag/concept throughout. Many marchers also expressed their support for their trans children, too.

A significant number of the floats were sponsored by corporations (even Walmart!); photographer Tod Seelie noted, "The Hilton sponsored float with the attractive married couple on top was a big hit."

Governor Andrew Cuomo performed a same-sex marriage outside of the Stonewall Inn; he only recently passed a bill allowing New York governors the power to marry couples (before there was a lot of red tape to perform them) so this was actually the first marriage he's ever officiated. He said he was "nervous" but it seemed to go well.

Overall, Pride has some of the best vibes of any NYC parade—even in spite of asshole protesters.