We gave you a sneak peek video yesterday of the New York Botanical Garden's annual Holiday Train Show—now here are some photos of the dazzling display.

There's nearly half a mile of tracks for the trains, which wind their way through reproductions of the NYC landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall, Rockefeller Center and the Guggenheim Museum.

Sai Mokhtari / Gothamist

Sai Mokhtari / Gothamist

The show opens on Saturday, and the NYBG recommends advance reservations. And if you want to experience the show without the kids, check out Bar Car Nights, where you can sip a cocktail and admire the craftsmanship and beauty. (We did this last year and it's a really good time; if you've never been up there you should note that it's just a quick MetroNorth train ride away!)

Plus, there are new "360° viewing opportunities of some of the most intricate structures"!

At the New York Botanical Garden's Holiday...by Gothamist

The New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show runs from November 21, 2015 through January 18, 2016. Advanced reservations are recommended. Tickets are $30 for adults on weekends ($20 on weekdays).