Stay safe and pray for surf is the unofficial motto amongst surfers, and this September has been an East Coast surfer's paradise. While Hurricane Irma devastated the Virgin Islands and hammered Florida, its muted power was also felt as far north as New York, Jersey Shore and New England. Surfers here, spared its destructive wrath, took full advantage of the waves in New York and New Jersey.

Jose stayed out at sea, parked in the right position to bring more quality waves. And it's not over—next week the local surf forecast looks like more of the same.

Hurricane waves are strong, winds are unpredictable, and the sand bars can't always handle these beautiful monsters. They come from far away, build in power and break hard—and are extremely dangerous—a professional teenage surfer died last week in the Barbados.

Still, surfers eye hurricanes with hungry anticipation. When the surf is up, exhaustion is satisfaction. And they always want more. Check out these photos from Lido Beach on Long Island and Belmar on the Jersey Shore.