The Bryant Park ice skating rink is melting, like an evil witch or a cartoon snowman or Hershey's Kisses clenched tightly in a child's fist on a warm summer day. When we dropped by this afternoon the surface was covered with slushy water, and humans trying to brush off the slushy water, which created these beautiful waves of slushy water...


Between that and the zamboni, it was all pretty transfixing, but as our dear humans will learn, these exercises in ice-clearing are as useless as trying to push a boulder up a hill—the November heatwave is here to stay.

It appears The Melt has been days in the making, but when we called just hours ago we were told by the help desk that skating on the rink is totally fine and we shouldn't worry. But... it's water.


So, until it's ice, we present these alternative uses for Bryant Park's "Winter" Village:

Play us off, Parliaments...