Yes, it's only ONE DAY until the possible end of civilization as we know it, but on the bright side, Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Macy's is getting ready for their 90th Thanksgiving Day Parade by testing five new balloons at Citi Field this past weekend.

The new big character balloons are an updated Charlie Brown, an updated Diary of A Wimpy Kid and a brand new Trolls balloon. There's also a bouncing dog named Trixie and, as a throwback to the very first parade in 1927, a Felix the Cat balloon. This Felix is an "exact replica" of the one in 1927.

There will be a total of 42 balloons, plus 26 floats; 1,100 cheerleaders and dancers; more than 1,000 clowns; and 16 marching bands and performance groups.